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Buying Property

Buying Property

Finding a property with Grapevine will be like having your own personal Estate Agent!

We want to know everything about your perfect home;

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Do you need to be positioned near certain schools
  • Are there any particular roads that you really like?
  • How about a train station, do you need one closeby?

At Grapevine we're upfront and honest, if you've requested that you do not want a property on a main road, then we won't surprise you by arranging a viewing for a property on a main road. We will, however, give you the choice from the start, allowing you to make an informed decision when arranging a viewing.

An initial viewing should take around 20 minutes to give you enough time to have a good look around!

Should you have any questions about the local area or even some advice on good places to eat, we're here to help!